Candid photo of Jonathan Prince

Jonathan Prince

VP, Communications & Policy

Candid photo of Jonathan Prince

Jonathan Prince is the Vice President of Communications and Policy at Slack, overseeing global external communications and policy efforts across the company. Jonathan has more than twenty years of experience spanning strategic communications, public policy, government and technology.

Prior to Slack, Jonathan was Vice President and Head of Content and Marketplace Policy at Spotify, where he designed and launched Spotify’s first content moderation policies. Previously, he was Spotify’s Vice President and Global Head of Communications and Public Policy.

Jonathan served in senior positions in President Obama’s and President Clinton’s Administrations. In the Obama Administration, he was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State with responsibility for strategic communications and public diplomacy for Middle East Peace. He was a Senior Advisor in the White House under President Clinton, previously serving in a number of senior speechwriting and policy roles.

Jonathan served in key roles for the Democratic National Committee and on several presidential campaigns. Through his own practice, he also advised a wide range of leaders, businesses and non-profits on communications strategy and public affairs.

Jonathan graduated with honors from Georgetown University Law Center and has a B.A. from Boston University.