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Accelerate IT Service
Management with

ServiceNow for Slack

Easily submit, manage, and collaborate on IT service requests, Incidents and more without ever leaving Slack.

Add to Slack

Build a bridge between ServiceNow and Slack. IT Service teams resolve issues faster, employees can get help sooner and everyone can stay on top of their records and requests.

ServiceNow for Slack example

Create ServiceNow Incidents

Just select any Slack message and create a ServiceNow incident from within a Slack conversation or start from scratch using the shortcuts menu anywhere in Slack.

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Stay up to date

Receive customized alerts in channel about changes and updates to ServiceNow records.

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Search and Share records

Search for ServiceNow records (including Incidents, Problems, Changes or Knowledge Base articles and more) using the easy text search and share the results in any Slack channel or with any person. Once shared, you can perform quick action on Incidents like viewing comments and notes, adding comments and changing status.

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Power preview of ServiceNow records in Slack channels

Get the preview of any ServiceNow record shared in a Slack channel or Direct Message and interact with the record from within Slack.

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Interact with Service Catalog

Initiate Service Catalog requests and view status and pending approvals all from within Slack. Use the shortcuts menu to search the Service Catalog from within Slack and kick off the ordering process with just few clicks. Once submitted, you can stay up to date on open requests and approvers can keep track of the items needing attention.

ServiceNow for Slack example

Build customized Incident Workflows

You can add steps to Create or Get a ServiceNow incident in the Slack workflow builder to create your own custom ServiceNow flow or to integrate ServiceNow with other apps available in Workflow Builder.


How to setup
ServiceNow for Slack


Step 1

Install ServiceNow for Slack by clicking the Add to Slack button.

Add to Slack

Step 2

Connect your ServiceNow instance to Slack following the
Help Center article.

Step 3

Voila! Users can connect their accounts and get started.

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