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Grow your business with Salesforce integrations for Slack.

Extend the impact of Salesforce solutions by adding powerful integrations to your digital HQ. Salesforce and Slack together help increase revenue and win lifelong customers, while teams can work from anywhere, by centering businesses around a single view of the customer.

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Sales Cloud for Slack

Boost rep productivity by bringing the context of Sales Cloud into the flow of work. With Sales Cloud for Slack, easily drive deals to close, increase visibility and deal velocity, and improve pipeline accuracy.

Sales Cloud for Slack

Centralize the selling conversation, notify strategically, and update records to close deals faster.

Service Cloud for Slack

Deliver faster, better service with the native Service Cloud for Slack integration. Together, Salesforce and Slack enable you to Engage with experts at scale, reduce case handoffs and escalations, instantly identify the right swarm members, and gain insights to improve your team’s operation.

Service Cloud for Slack

Bring valuable case and incident data, business processes, and cross-functional partners together in Slack to solve customer issues faster.


Build, automate, and connect Slack apps. With Salesforce Platform for Slack, integrate and extend Salesforce data, and automate and customize business processes.

Salesforce for Slack

The cornerstone of Salesforce for Slack apps.


Dig into the data, right from Slack. With Tableau and CRM Analytics for Slack, put data at the center of decision-making with deep insights and up-to-date, actionable data.


Get insights from Tableau directly in Slack.

CRM Analytics

Bring Data to Every Conversation with the CRM Analytics app for Slack.