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Take action with your essential tools in Slack

Apps in Slack streamline your work, bringing information and workflows from separate tools into one place. With shortcuts, it’s easy to quickly take action with your apps and get work done without leaving Slack. Less time juggling tabs means more time to move work forward.

Use shortcuts from anywhere in Slack:

Create a calendar event right from Slack

Slack is where collaboration happens, whereas meetings are handy for resolving matters face-to-face. When conversations are getting lengthy, create a new meeting—right from Slack—so your team can meet and gain alignment.

Create an event with:

Google Calendar

See your schedule, respond to invites, and get event updates.

Outlook Calendar

Sync your status, respond to invites, and see your schedule.

Crowdsource feedback from your team

Start a poll in a Slack channel, where all the right people can openly share feedback. Polls are easy to create and even simpler to fill out in Slack—so you make decisions quickly and collaboratively.

Start a poll or survey with:

Simple Poll

Create simple polls and surveys in Slack.


Kickstart a project with a new document

Conversations in Slack just might lead to your team’s next big idea. Give momentum to your project by creating a new file right from Slack—so it’s easy for your team to collaborate in your latest document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

Create a new file with:

Google Drive

OneDrive and SharePoint

Search, share and preview your OneDrive & SharePoint Online files right from Slack.

Use shortcuts from a message:

Kick off a task from a Slack message

Decisions move faster in Slack, where team members can easily follow along and contribute to discussions. Turn any Slack message into a follow-up or next step, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Create a task from a Slack message with:



An animated image of the Asana app in SlackAn image of a new task created in Slack with the Asana app

Share Slack messages with other tools

Slack conversations contain important context that helps team members get up to speed on a situation. Add Slack messages to tickets, tasks, and records so it’s easy to find that context again when you switch between tools.

Bring context from Slack messages into:

An animation of a new Zendesk ticket being created in Slack with the Zendesk appAn image of a new Zendesk ticket being created in Slack with the Zendesk app

More apps with shortcuts

  • Freshdesk
    Connect your helpdesk to view, create and collaborate on tickets, right from Slack
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  • is a Work OS where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work from anywhere.
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  • Donut
    Scale crucial people programs that level up your organization
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  • Workato
    Automate your business with Workato recipes. Leave troublesome integrations behind.
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  • Xactly Incent
    Xactly Incent for Slack application. Display your commissions and attainment quickly and easily!
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  • Giphy
    An online library of animated GIFs
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  • Jira Cloud
    Official app by Atlassian. Notifications, link previews and more.
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  • Bitbucket Cloud
    Get updates about your Bitbucket repositories and take action in Slack
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  • Evernote
    Take notes, clip conversations, and share notes from Evernote.
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  • Teamline
    🚩 The simple project management tool for Slack
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  • Evergreen
    Give recognition and plant real trees 🌳
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