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Turn routine tasks into automated workflows

Simply start by identifying the processes that could be automated. Then, build a custom workflow that connects your everyday tools to your everyday work in Slack. Let Workflow Builder handle the context-switching, so you can stay focused and save time.

Workflow Builder is available on Slack paid plans

A screenshot of Workflow Builder in the Slack UI

Keep work moving forward inside and outside of Slack

Share dashboards from Datadog

Whether you’re onboarding a new teammate, monitoring software performance, or sharing a daily service report, Datadog’s workflow step enables you to automate workflows that quickly share information with the right people at the right time.

Workflow steps supported:

  • Send a widget from a Datadog dashboard


SaaS app monitoring all in one place

Create a new incident in PagerDuty

PagerDuty’s step in Workflow Builder allows you to streamline incident creation without disrupting your productivity in Slack—resulting in less downtime, fewer outages, and happy customers.

Workflow steps supported:

  • Trigger an incident in PagerDuty


Spend less time reacting to incidents and more time developing for the future

Capture critical insights in real time with Polly

Whether you’re automating an executive AMA or the employee review cycle, you can collect feedback in real time with the flexibility of Polly’s step in Workflow Builder.

Workflow steps supported:

  • Send a Polly template


Gather data in real time for smarter decision-making.

Connect multiple services with Zapier

Zapier’s breadth and depth of steps available in Workflow Builder unlock hundreds of dynamic, multi-step workflows. Access steps for your business-critical tools, like Salesforce, Asana, Microsoft Office 365, Jira and more—all powered by Zapier.

Workflow steps supported:

  • Zapier provides more than 120 steps from five categories of apps: CRM, project management, task management, email and spreadsheets


Easy automation for busy people.
Easy automation for busy people

More apps for workflow steps

  • ToDoBot
    All your tasks and to-dos in Slack
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  • Jira Integration+
    2-way enterprise class integration for Jira Data Center and Cloud.
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    Connect Slack with 200+ popular apps. Setup custom notifications. Create workflow Bots across apps.
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  • Workast
    Create and assign tasks, manage projects and get work done in Slack.
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  • Halp
    Modern IT Ticketing Help Desk
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  • Zapier
    Easy automation for busy people
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  • Datadog
    Search for widgets from dashboards, mute monitors, create and update incidents & more!
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  • Google Sheets for Workflow Builder
    Power up your workflows with Google Sheets to stay focused and save time
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  • Sidequest
    🎟 Task Manager for Teams & Helpdesks, 100% Inside Slack.
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  • Fellow
    Meeting agendas, action items, and feedback – all in one place
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  • Polly
    Instant engagement through polls, surveys, standups and trivia 📊
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  • Queue
    Synchronize your work with others and keep track of your turn.
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  • AhoyTeam
    Daily workflow automation for remote managers
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  • PagerDuty
    Spend less time reacting to incidents and more time developing for the future.
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  • Quboo
    A simple Gamification platform to boost team motivation
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  • AttendanceBot
    PTO, time tracking, availability, and shift planning for hybrid and remote teams
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  • Wrangle
    Approvals, tasks, and ticketing in Slack
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  • Workflow Steps for Jira
    Integrate and automate Jira actions into your workflows in Slack.
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  • Workstreams
    Workflow & Kanban task management for distributed teams
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  • Centro: Email, SMS, & Salesforce
    Sales & Support at the Speed of Slack: Shared Inbox. Email or Text customers. Seamless Salesforce Integration. Grok Channel Summary.
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