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Apps in Slack help ease the transition from office life to working remotely. Start calls instantly from Slack, stay on top of your calendar, encourage social connection, and more.

Remote teams collaborate better with apps.

Encourage open communication with Zoom

Some conversations are simply easier face-to-face. Especially for remote teams, it’s important to keep communication open for informal calls. The Zoom app for Slack allows you to jump on a call right from Slack, so no team member is more than a Slack message or Zoom call away.

With Zoom you can:

  • Start a Zoom call from Slack in a few clicks
  • See who’s on a call before joining
  • Customize your team’s calls settings with Zoom


Easily start a Zoom video meeting directly from Slack.

Stay on top of your calendar from Slack

Get a friendly nudge in Slack when your next meeting is about to start, then join the call in one click. Once the event kicks off, your Slack status will automatically update to show you’re in a meeting—a perfect way to let teammates know you’re slow to respond.

With Google Calendar you can:

  • Receive and respond to meeting invites
  • Sync your Slack status based on events
  • Join video calls from meeting reminders

Google Calendar

A shared calendar for your team.

Keep teams in sync with Standuply

Standuply automates recurring status meetings, removing the burden of coordinating updates across schedules and time zones. With simple, frequent touchpoints in Slack, teams can stay in sync about progress made throughout the week.

With Standuply you can:

  • Run asynchronous standup meetings in Slack
  • Hold retrospectives via scheduled surveys
  • Facilitate 360-degree feedback reviews

Asynchronous standups & retro meetings in Slack.

Send video messages with Loom

With the Loom app, it’s easy to narrate videos and share snippets right in Slack, helping bring communication to life in a visual, personal way. Employees can asynchronously share information, while the rest of the team can catch up when they’re ready—and swiftly kick off a discussion in a thread.

With Loom you can:

  • Instantly send Loom videos into Slack
  • View Loom videos right in Slack
  • Direct comments to specific Slack users or channels


Share video messages in Slack.

Encourage social connection with Donut

Whether you’re new to working remotely or a pro, it takes effort to maintain a sense of human connection when your team is afar. The Donut app pairs team members for virtual coffees or lunches, helping teams carve out time for meaningful social interactions throughout the work week.

With Donut you can:

  • Set up Donut pairing channels like #coffee-roulette
  • Match new hires with onboarding buddies or teammates
  • Facilitate a virtual mentorship program in Slack


Get to know your colleagues in Slack.

Measure employee sentiment with Polly

Each individual adapts to remote work in their own way. Use Polly in Slack to send out anonymous employee pulse surveys. Team members have an easy way to share candid thoughts, and managers can get a sense of team morale, helping them identify ways to improve employee sentiment.

With Polly you can:

  • Send employee pulse surveys right in Slack
  • Increase participation with quick, seamless surveys
  • Uncover insights and trends from survey results


Polls and surveys in Slack.

Celebrate wins across teams with Disco

Maintaining team culture requires intention, like making time to recognize wins—big and small—on a regular basis. With Disco, you can give kudos to celebrate a job well done in public and private channels. Tag kudos with behaviors meant to be reinforced, like core values, team principles and more.

With Disco you can:

  • Recognize accomplishments right in Slack
  • Encourage team-wide celebration with emoji reactions
  • Crowdsource nominations for culture awards


Celebrate your company culture and values.

More apps for working from home

  • Trello
    Collaborate on Trello projects without leaving Slack.
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  • Wrike
    Accomplish more by collaborating on Wrike projects in Slack.
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  • Workstreams
    Workflow & Kanban task management for distributed teams
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  • AWS Chatbot
    ChatOps for AWS
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  • Google Drive
    Get notifications about Google Drive files within Slack
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  • Voice Message
    Send audio messages directly on Slack !
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  • Remoty
    Track tasks and time, automate daily stand ups, manage payrolls.
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  • Qualtrics
    Use Qualtrics to collect feedback and close the loop within Slack
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  • WFH Surveys
    Simple feedback surveys for first-time remote employees
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  • InVision App
    Streamline your design workflow by bringing the feedback process right into Slack.
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  • MailClark, email for teams
    Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter — Shared Inbox in Slack
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  • Obie
    Build a wiki, capture FAQs and search for documents all in one place
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  • Jira Cloud
    Easily connect Jira Cloud projects to your Slack channels
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  • Clockwise
    Automatically sync your work calendar with your Slack status
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  • meeting scheduling
    Instantly schedule meetings with your teammates in Slack
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  • Zendesk
    View, create, and take action on support tickets from any Slack channel
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  • Toast
    GitHub pull requests, code review, mentions, reminders — without noise.
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  • Dropbox
    Connect Dropbox to your Slack workspace to easily share content and conversations between both platforms.
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  • Sparkly
    Match people in your Slack with similar interests to encourage new connections
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