Slack Atlas

Unlock team productivity with comprehensive user profiles

Improved collaboration and connection starts with Slack Atlas—rich user profiles that provide your teams with valuable context about colleagues, all in Slack.

Illustrated teammates connected by dotted lines, like an org chart

Help your teams understand who they’re working with

When teammates share a deeper understanding about each other, they build trust and work faster together. From displaying user affiliations and skills to a dynamic, interactive org chart, Slack Atlas helps teammates get up to speed about who’s on the other end of their working relationships.

Flatiron Health Customer Quote
Flatiron Health“Atlas’ rich user profiles and dynamic org charts are playing a critical role in helping us facilitate better connections in a hybrid world.”Emily Guerin
Head Of Communications, Flatiron Health

Enterprise-scale profile management

Enterprise systems, including HRIS, populate key profile information via SCIM, ensuring employee profiles remain accurate and up-to-date. Administrators can also allow certain profile information to be customized by employees.

The right context, right within reach

With Slack Atlas, rich, searchable profile information and a dynamic org chart are just a click away. People can easily discover the colleagues they need to collaborate with—without switching tools or leaving Slack.

More than a directory

Slack Atlas is more than names and faces—it also provides contextual information that everyone can use to work together effectively.

Customizable user profiles

People can add their interests, key projects and team goals to provide context and connect with each other.

A trusted source for employee information

Synchronized profile data means that Atlas is a source of truth for organizational structure and reporting relationships.

A complete organizational portrait

Slack users can see profile information for anyone at their organization, even for those who aren’t yet on Slack.

Frequently asked questions

Slack Atlas is a paid add-on to the Business+ and Enterprise Grid plans. For pricing information, please reach out to your Slack Account Executive or contact sales. For more information about Slack paid plans, visit our pricing page.

Slack Atlas can be purchased by customers using Business+ or Enterprise Grid plans.

Yes. Slack Atlas can be configured to incorporate data from enterprise systems and create rich profiles for those using Slack, and view-only profiles for everyone else in the organization. Slack users will be able to see, search and access those view-only profiles in Slack. However, features that enable profile customization and custom field creation will not be available for employees with view-only profiles.

Yes. Slack provides detailed documentation to help customers manage the setup, configuration and administration of Slack Atlas.

Yes. Slack Atlas is fully integrated with Slack and uses the same enterprise grade security and identity management capabilities that are core to the Slack platform and included via third-party integrations.

Slack Atlas is currently being offered in North America, and is available in English only, with more languages and markets coming soon.