Engineering Manager - Storage Engineering

About the Team

Slack is looking for an engineering manager for our Storage Engineering team. You team is responsible for the systems and platform that support the safe storage of billions of messages and files a day. Your team’s partnership with developers across the organization ensure scale is considered at design. Thousands of databases growing daily means automation is central to this team’s toolkit. Your team is responsible for the safe storage and highly available and fast retrieval for petabytes of data. Databases are not the only form of Storage at Slack. Search is one of our primary features and your team is integral in the architecture and design of this scaled distributed system. Caches and message brokers are also important tools in keeping the data flowing at Slack. As a fast growing company, we rely on your ability to attract and retain top talent from the industry to keep up and keep the workload sustainable.

About the Role

Your responsibilities include:

  • Recruit and retain the technical talent required to expand the team and storage systems as we continue to scale.
  • Own the organizational objective of protecting our customers’ data and providing reliable service.
  • Inspire team investment to keep up with automation and keep toil at a minimum
  • Develop communication programs to connect the team with the rest of the engineering organization
  • Cultivate a safe work culture that inspires individual decision-making and innovation
  • Coach for frequent and effective feedback among team members
  • Represent Slack engineering and management at industry events

You might be a good fit if:

  • You are passionate about management, coaching, and creating opportunities to support your directs’ success.
  • Your leadership style makes space for multiple senior engineers and supports the growth of everyone on your team to keep pace with rapid change.
  • You are able to weigh several, often conflicting constraints, and make quick decisions in a dynamic and quickly-growing company.
  • You are highly organized. With many people doing many things in a fast-paced company, strong organizational skills—both for yourself and for the team—is needed for success.


  • You are not expected to code but should possess technical experience in Storage Engineering in order to recognize the important decisions your team faces and provide meaningful feedback.
  • You have several years experience serving in an engineering management role.
  • You possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field, or equivalent training, fellowship, or work experience.

Bonus Points:

  • Previous experience with Cloud based storage systems at scale (MySQL, SolrCloud, Kafka, Memcached, Redis)
  • Previous experience in DevOps transformations

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