Developer Support Agent

Slack's platform and APIs allow developers to integrate the tools they use with Slack to help them keep critical information easily available . As the platform continues to grow and powerful features are added regularly, developers are presented with new opportunities to build sophisticated automations and workflow. When they get stuck with implementation or need some guidance around best practices, they turn to our Developer Support team.

Our Developer Support Agents help developers succeed in using our APIs to build useful, meaningful tools on our platform. Whether these developers are building highly-customized integrations with their team's internal tools or building official apps made available to all Slack customers, you will work with them to identify the problems that they’re trying to solve and use your expertise of Slack’s platform to suggest the best solution.

Slack's success as a platform and a company depends on the success of this growing community of developers — our goal is to get them the answers they need as quickly as we can. The Developer Support team is a distributed group of experienced professionals who understand how the Internet works and where web services, data interchange, and APIs fit into that.

After a few weeks in the role, you will be equipped to work with developers from around the world, both one-on-one and in larger groups. You'll not only help them figure out what they need to finish their project — you'll be an advocate for our API and product and you'll be an advocate for the developer. You'll be one of Slack's in-house expert users of our own APIs and you'll gain deep and detailed knowledge about the inner workings of dozens of other services.


  • We don't expect you to already be a Slack expert. Our team will guide and support you as you build your platform knowledge and get up to speed. We do expect you to have a solid understanding of web services, including transport (primarily HTTP), common data formats (JSON and XML), and standard API patterns (e.g. REST).
  • You have empathy for developers, and their development/learning process: We’re the face of customer experience for programmers, and we usually only hear from them when there’s a problem.
  • You can write code in at least one language to gather data from web services and use it for your own purposes.
  • You are skilled at explaining technical problems and issues succinctly and clearly.
  • Simple fluency in English is not sufficient — you must be a strong, confident, and exacting writer.
  • You know when something is over your head and are not afraid to ask for help.
  • College degree or equivalent professional experience required.


  • Respond to customer questions about Slack-built integrations, as well as developer questions about our integration tools and APIs.
  • Respond to customer questions about Slack-built integrations.
  • Act as liaison between internal teams and external developers; communicating questions, in addition to coordinating updates, and changes as needed.
  • Use your technical expertise to guide and support help provide our partners and developers with technical support regarding integrated services, and handle the full support lifecycle of integrations support inquiries through email, Twitter, and other tools to be determined.
  • Engage with our product development and engineering teams to build, drive and improve our tools and processes.
  • Serve as a resource to the larger team  regarding API- or integration-related questions.
  • Contribute improvements to Slack’s API and user documentation.

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