Developer Support Agent

Successful, productive teams use a wide variety of services and products in their day-to-day work. One of Slack's defining and most powerful features is its platform for integrating with these and dozens of other services. Slack allows teams to not only communicate with one another via messages, but also to interact with their entire productivity toolchain in one place.

The developers who build these integrations are a growing community of interesting and engaged makers. Slack's success as a platform and a company depends on the success of this community as much as our own work and it’s critical to get them the answers they need as quickly as we can. To that end, we have built a distributed team of experienced professionals who understand how the Internet works and where web services, data interchange, and APIs fit into that.

Our Developer Support team helps developers succeed in using our APIs to build useful, meaningful tools on our platform, whether they are building highly-customized integrations with their team's internal tools or building third party services to make Slack even more useful than it already is.

Your role in this team will be to work with directly with developers building for Slack and customers using our integrations. You’ll help developers discover what they need to finish their project. As an in-house, expert user of our own APIs you’ll gain deep and detailed knowledge about Slack and the inner workings of dozens of other services. You’ll be an ambassador for Slack’s API and an advocate within Slack for our developers who will help shape their experience of using the API through documentation, tutorials, and sample applications.


  • You understand web services, including transport (primarily HTTP), common data formats (JSON and XML), and standard API patterns (e.g. REST).
  • You can write code in at least one language to gather data from web services and use it for your own purposes.
  • You are skilled at explaining technical problems and issues succinctly and clearly.
  • Simple fluency in English is not sufficient – you must be a strong, confident, and exacting writer.
  • You know when something is over your head and are not afraid to ask for help.
  • College degree or equivalent professional experience required.


  • Respond to developer questions about our integration tools and APIs.
  • Respond to customer questions about Slack-built integrations.
  • Respond to incoming requests to integrate services with Slack
  • Provide our partners technical support regarding integrated services and handle the full support lifecycle of integrations support inquiries through email, Twitter, and other tools to be determined
  • Assist non-technical agents in answering API- or integration-related questions.
  • Assist in the manual QA process for new platform features
  • Contribute improvements to Slack’s API and user documentation
  • Contribute to the growing Slack developer community

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