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Andela is on a mission to build the next generation of tech leaders in Africa, placing African developers on engineering teams in partner companies around the world and providing mentorship through vibrant online communities. Andela depends on Slack to underpin their immersive culture of learning and extend it beyond their company walls.

Andela has received more than 70,000 applicants over the last three years. After careful vetting and on-site demonstration of skill, around 500 have earned a job offer with Andela, where they work as a full-time member of a leading tech company's team.

Andela was born around Slack. It’s in the genetics of the company. It provides the basis for communication between our company partners and the developers we’ve placed with them.

Scott CarletonAndela VP Technology, Andela

“Andela believes that the future of work will be distributed,” says Scott Carleton, Andela VP Technology. “The world is already moving toward distributed teams, so we allow companies to move in that direction earlier by helping them tap into talent pools around the world and leverage distributed best practices.”

When Andela partners with a new company, they create an internal Slack channel for their Andela developers and support staff. A custom bot feeds the channel with feedback from the partner company’s external teams. The feedback helps Andela provide the developers the resources they need to grow into a leader on that external team. In their “#RackCity” channel, developers who have been placed with partner companies can ask questions and get immediate feedback from more than 400 developers.

“Slack has allowed for powerful on-the-fly communications, digital campfires, phenomenal collaboration and synergy,” explains Carleton.

Andela spreads its mission far and wide. Through its Distributed Learning Community, the company provides Open Slack, a virtual gathering place for support and mentorship for the African development community. More than 8,500 African technologists actively engage in Open Slack, sharing more than 500,000 messages in just 8 months.

“We wanted to spread the knowledge as far and wide in Africa as we possibly could,” says Scott. “Open Slack has allowed us to do just that.”

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