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Creating a unified culture across acquired companies with Slack.

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Headquartered in Stockholm, Bambora employs more than 700 people across Europe, North America, and Australia. They help businesses grow — online, in-store, or in-app — with products and services designed to simplify the payment experience.

The company’s organic growth has averaged 25-30% annually, fueled in part by acquisitions of other regional payment platforms. Internal communication through Slack has been a key to Bambora’s success in their post-acquisition employee integration efforts.

“We’re using Slack for joint planning, defining how we will work together, and documenting the communication plans, with the ambition to creating a consistent brand across all markets,” says Claes Nyströmer, Head of Branding & Communications. “With it, it’s easier to get everyone on board and aligned with each other.”

Over the past three years, Bambora has acquired capabilities all over the world. Slack has been an integral part of integrating these acquired capabilities under the Bambora brand umbrella and creating a unified culture.

Claes Nyströmer
Head of Branding & Communications, Bambora

Slack has also made it easier to develop a shared sense of culture across the company. “You get to know people more on a personal level with Slack,” says Nyströmer. “You can use emojis, it's more playful. It's easier to convey the human touch than it is in other formats. That is a great benefit of using Slack.”

When Nyströmer joined Bambora two years ago, he and the rest of the team used the intranet as their primary internal communication platform. Slack has quickly supplemented, and in some cases replaced it, as a communications hub. Even the CEO shares updates through Slack.

“The intranet has its advantages as an information platform,” says Nyströmer. “With Slack, the information goes faster and fits well for a more dialogue-driven communication. It has become our common campfire. For example, this morning, I talked with Australia on a Slack call. It's very convenient.”

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