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Car service keeps an eye on customer demand with Slack.

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Careem is a chauffeur-driven car booking service based in Dubai with operations in 85 cities throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. For all facets of project management, day-to-day crisis management, and real-time problem-solving, Careem turns to Slack.

Using Slack ensures that Careem is quickly responsive to the transportation needs of its customers, keeping its service level high and its business growing. A custom integration with Slack alerts the team every 15 minutes of the number of cars on the road as compared with customer requests. When the ratio is off, Careem’s operations team can quickly mobilize, offering incentives to drivers and customers to achieve greater balance.

“We're such a reactionary business and a tactical business,” says Christian Eid, Vice President of Brand and Communications. “Knowing how many available hours are online versus how much demand is online is super critical. We're able to quickly have an impact on these metrics.”

Using the multitude of options—chat, voice, video, you name it—Slack really, really helps with sharing the files and the documents that we might need all on one conversation. It's really made us a lot more efficient.

Christian Eid
Vice President of Brand and Communications, Careem

Depending on the crisis — safety concerns, technology outages, weather delays — Careem must pull together problem solvers from a variety of teams. For each type of issue, there’s a Slack channel where everyone gathers to find a resolution fast.

“We're in the business of moving people, and we move millions of people every day, so crises are something that we have to manage quite efficiently,” says Eid. “We've been able to use Slack to bring together the right skillsets on the right channels to distribute the message and work very collaboratively and very quickly.”

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