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Through their Hive smart home brand, Centrica Connected Home is on a mission to make everyday living a little easier with a variety of connected “smart” solutions. Slack enables the Hive developers and IT team to monitor the stability of their products and ship bug fixes 24/7.

"We have found bugs and made decisions quickly about those bugs, with information we've received and escalated through Slack," says Craig Chandler, Head of Technology Operations/IS.

Once the team learns about a bug, they have a mandated five minutes to respond. With smart solutions, it’s critical to move quickly when a bug is spotted, as it can directly affect the user’s home. For example, smart plugs can be turned on manually or by a schedule, so when the team wants to release an upgrade to devices, they need to ensure that the user does not experience any issues in their home. Recently they noticed that an upgrade would temporarily turn the plug on and then back off.

Slack has dramatically improved our response time. It makes it easier for people to find out what they need, does exactly what you want it to do.

Craig Chandler
Head of Technology Operations, Centrica

“Using Slack, we created a war room very quickly, discussed this issue with key stakeholders and owners of the customer relationship and, as a result, we aborted this release and worked on a better approach that was then pushed out,” explains Chandler. “It’s almost impossible to gather people from multiple destinations in a conference bridge or by email so this approach means we can make decisions very quickly and then move forward.”

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