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Marketing and public relations teams promote women’s health with Slack.

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Clue uses science and data to provide insights into women’s health through their menstrual cycle tracking app. It’s their vision to open up conversations about periods, fertility, and health.

The company’s marketing team works to spread their message far and wide, with the help of Deliberate PR, Clue’s London-based public relations agency. Slack guest accounts — external access to Clue’s instance — help the company forge a closer alliance and kick around marketing and media opportunities in real time in a Slack channel.

“We have a channel that's called #pr where we post articles where we’ve been covered,” says Lisa Kennelly, Clue’s Director of Marketing. “They are also part of my content and brand general marketing channel. If we’re talking about a blog post or other content we’re working on, they'll say, ‘Oh, I think that there's a PR opportunity here.’”

Slack makes me feel like our PR agency is more a part of the team even though they're an external partner, which is great.

Lisa Kennelly
Director of Marketing, Clue

This connection also helps them to quickly respond to trending news. “When the eclipse happened, we were sharing a lot of content that was being published saying that people's menstrual cycles were being affected by it,” says Kennelly. “We were able to quickly coordinate with our agency to respond by sharing our own research showing cycles are unlikely to be affected by the moon.”

With Slack, Kennelly estimates Clue has eliminated more than 60 percent of the email they would have otherwise sent in the course of their partnership.

Kristina Bassett, Senior Account Manager at Deliberate PR agrees. “Slack allows us to quickly and easily ask and answer questions, removing the formality of email where it is not needed, and enabling us to keep dialogue between client and agency open and transparent.”

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