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Re-writing their brand story in real time with external partners and Slack.

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50%, a subsidiary of Bankrate, provides consumers with a way to search, compare, and apply for credit card offers online. The company sought to define its brand and assert itself as the leader in the card comparison space, so they decided to bring on two agencies to help them with brand messaging and campaigns. Working in Slack helped them reach their brand and marketing goals faster than they imagined.

Creating a new brand story for and sharing it with the world meant coordinating among many internal stakeholders in the company’s Austin office, with their New York brand agency Sarankco, and their San Francisco advertising agency Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer. Fred Saunders, Head of Branding and Marketing, created an ambitious timeline, so there was not a minute to waste. That’s where shared channels in Slack came in. The secure space gave teams from all three companies a place to discuss ideas, plan, iterate on concepts, and share and review creative assets in real time.

With Shared Channels in Slack, I can go between my internal teams and my external vendors instantaneously. Inviting them into one conversation really helped remove multiple steps that would otherwise have been there.

Fred Saunders
Head of Branding and Marketing,

Saunders says that saved “weeks and weeks” of development time by using shared channels. “The shared channels really brings a new layer of engagement with our agencies, especially across multiple timezones. It gives us the ability to iterate, share thoughts and get responses much faster. The only way we would have been able to hit the date that I was pushing for, which was rather aggressive, was through this accelerated engagement.”

As an example, Saunders shares the process of reviewing presentations in shared channels. Previously, the process of putting in the request with the agencies, receiving it, and completing internal reviews meant weeks of back and forth over email. “With Slack, presentations are instantly shared and instantly viewed,” he says. “Real-time feedback happens between multiple parties. Questions are asked and answered significantly faster.”

Saunders imagines extending shared channels to the sales team, a group that also interacts with a variety of external partners. “I can see it playing a big role as part of what we do,” he says.

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