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Automating and integrating editorial workflows with Slack.

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Dennis is a UK-based media company with a portfolio of more than 30 brands, reaching more than 50 million unique users each month. Thanks to the ease of integrating Slack with Zapier, Google Drive, and Trello, Dennis has been able to set up tailored editorial workflows for each publication while maintaining operational transparency.

“One team uses Trello to do content planning,” says Paul Lomax, Chief Technology Officer at Dennis. “Then they'll commission work to happen, and that gets read in Google Docs after getting a Slack notification. When you put that Google Doc in a certain folder, it will alert someone on Slack that it needs editing. And finally, when the editing is finished, they move it into another folder, and that will then alert someone else via Slack that it needs to go on the website.”

Slack has transformed our editorial workflows, bringing in automation and a notifications system that allows the team to write, edit, and publish in fewer steps.

Paul Lomax
Chief Technology Officer, Dennis

Ten years ago, Dennis was very siloed. A team that worked on one magazine wouldn't typically talk to anyone outside their staff. Now, Slack has broken down those silos by bringing all the teams together in one place to share ideas and manage workflows. Further, Slack has made their CEO accessible to everyone in the organization.

“You're literally a Slack DM away from asking the CEO a question,” says Lomax. Now, employees regularly tag the CEO James Tye in Slack channels to see if he wants to give an opinion on something in the works. He frequently provides reactions on good news and comments on posts in Slack.

“It's really broken down a barrier for him,” says Lomax. “Now, he just knows what's going on by osmosis. There are things that he would never have known were happening unless someone took the time to report to him. It’s reduced the need for more formal reporting because you're just kind of aware of what's going on even if you’re just lurking in channels.”

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