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Europe’s largest car rental company simplifies operations with Slack

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Drivy is Europe’s largest car rental company, supporting a community of 50,000 cars and 1.5 million users. Drivy uses Slack across the organization — in engineering, finance, customer support, product development, marketing, and more — to keep operations running smoothly.

The engineering team manages their daily work exclusively through Slack, where they receive real-time notifications about production glitches, new releases, performance changes, and new features.

The finance team built an integration in Slack to manage expense reports, which are processed by a freelancer through the Guest feature, which gives you the ability to invite someone outside your company into specified channels in your Slack instance. Now Drivy can give that freelancer access to must-have information, without having to resort to sharing sensitive details over email.

I was new to Slack when I came to Drivy, but I am madly in love with it. It really has such a deep tool set.

Diane Larramendy
CMO, Drivy

Through Drivy’s #ask-a-tech channel, anyone at the company can ping a developer about bugs or customer questions and get a fast solution or step-by-step instructions. The customer service team relies on this channel to relay authentic, valuable resolutions to Drivy fans.

The product team posts updates in Slack whenever there’s a new release. The marketing team shares competitor campaigns as they spot them in the world so everyone has pulse on movers in the industry. The PR team shares their own work as well. “We see every day that the strategy is working for each of us,” says Claire Mangin, France Communications Manager. “It's a good way to share the work, from the idea to the achievement, and to be motivated by teams even if they are not at the HQ.”

“It would be very hard for me imagine myself working without Slack now because it changes everything,” says Diane Larramendy, CMO. “It's very efficient because we have different levels of one-to-one discussions, or channels, or team discussions and also videos or chats. The information is fluid.”

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