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Emma is an email marketing platform that allows its 15,000 customers to plan, design, and optimize targeted email marketing campaigns. For Emma’s own marketing, Slack is their trusted platform to ensure that brainstorms, campaign, and events progress from ideation to execution faster and smarter.

“We are using it as a place to share ideas and inspiration as well as plan and activate our marketing programs across our organization,” says Karen Gragg, Vice President of Marketing. “Great emails that we see that can help fuel ideas for blog content, anything that we see, we share on Slack. We use it as a place to capture that idea and keep that record as well, then also just talk about it.”

Having a place where we can capture ideas and share inspiration helps us do everything from planning campaigns and events to fueling content for blog posts. It helps us be a lot more organized when it comes to internal planning, management and execution of our marketing programs.

Karen Gragg
Vice President of Marketing, Emma

From those ideas spring their major marketing efforts. Within the #campaigns channel in Slack, the Emma marketing team lays out their quarterly plans, generates ideas, and houses supporting documents. A #MarketingUnited channel serves as the major source of information and internal updates for their annual marketing conference, and provides a yearly archive and point of reference for the previous year’s decisions and activities. Having all of the company’s information captured in one place means they don’t have to start from scratch the next year.

“Having that point of reference and that history of everything we've done in one place that's easy to find is super helpful,” says Gragg. “When you’re in planning mode for something like a big event, there are so many things to capture and communicate. Once you’ve completed the event, you move on to the next thing until it is time to come back and revisit it again for the next year.”

The Emma marketing team relies on Slack for real-time problem-solving — an #inboundlead channel serves as a troubleshooting hub during live webinar events — and gives the lead qualification team the ability to provide real-time feedback to marketing. Slack allows the marketing team to share and organize information across specific topics, teams, campaigns and events. “Without it, our inboxes would be overloaded, and we wouldn’t have a single point of reference for everything from campaign and content ideas, to event planning and execution.”

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