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Who wouldn't want to talk to a veteran marathoner before buying new running shoes? Knowing this, Experticity designed an app that connects buyers to more than a million vetted category experts who offer insider recommendations. The Experticity team relies on Slack to provide flexible work options, while creating a close-knit, familial culture.

The company’s teams are spread across three states, including a remote team dedicated to making sure their experts are topnotch. With Slack, everyone can stay connected while working from wherever they are and however they prefer.

For example, the manager of the expert review team is currently travelling across the United States with her husband and young child, living out of a van. She offered to quit her job to fulfill this lifelong dream, but the company had other ideas.

With offices in three states, it can be hard to feel connected to one another. Slack helps everyone feel part of the team.

Kevin Knight
CMO, Experticity

"She is a great employee, and we wanted to support her in her dream, so we told her to go for it," explains CMO Kevin Knight. "Technology like Slack is really what made us so comfortable in that decision."

With Slack, conversations are centralized in topic and project channels, so everyone who joins can stay in tune with decision-making and address challenges as they happen. Recently, Experticity was able to invite a guest speaker into their #webinar channel where they could organize and lob attendee questions to the speaker and troubleshoot any glitches.

"Slack allowed me to give the team visibility into the conversation," says Knight. “Without Slack, we wouldn't have been able to have a real-time side conversation, while we were live on a webinar. Slack was more efficient, and more effective at accomplishing that connectivity.”

Sharing expertise is more than a product ethos. It's become part of Experticity's internal company values, too. On Slack, employees seek out and share advice for everything from the best place to go camping with toddlers to favorite rock climbing spots.

"We not only work together on work problems but on life, too, and getting to know each other as real people ends up resulting in a stronger culture,” says Knight.

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