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ITV is the largest commercial TV network in the United Kingdom. Head of Common Platform Tom Clark sought to support an agile approach to product development and soon realized that they needed a common platform, built entirely in the cloud on modern technologies. They brought in Slack, which Clark describes as their “nerve center.”

Using integrations such as Jenkins, Github, and Trello, Slack is their hub for team collaboration and incident response. “You’ve got it all in front of you,” says Clark. “Even if you have to go to an external system, you can link people to it and it’s all one flow of information you’re working on.”

It’s much more than a chat app - it’s changed the way we work. I couldn’t imagine working without it now. Our developers have said, ‘You’d have to pry it out of our cold, dead hands.’

Tom Clark
Head of Common Platform, ITV

This is a lifesaver when ITV faces a potential outage. For example, during a recent football match, a huge spike in traffic resulted in the system running low on capacity. Because of Slack, they were able to see the alerts and coordinate the action all in the same place. Slack saves the history of all conversations, so late joiners could easily catch up. They solved the issue in 10 minutes. Before Slack, it could have taken over an hour.

“I can’t imagine the modernization program at ITV working as well without Slack at the heart of it,” says Clark.

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