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Google, GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Heroku, Giphy, Lucidchart, Pingdom, PagerDuty, TrackDuck, HBR, Zoom

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Keeward Group is an international technology company focused on e-commerce, machine learning, and big data for the long-tail industries, and the parent company of Bookwitty, Homeresa, Tamyras, and Levant. They are best known for their book discovery platform Bookwitty, which connects independent booksellers with readers who are looking to move beyond the bestsellers lists.

With about 50 teams in 10 offices stretched across 5 time zones, Keeward needed a way to connect their employees, build relationships across offices, and foster collaboration and transparency. Keeward also sought to enable knowledge sharing among their tech teams. Slack is their bridge builder.

To allow team members that are in Beirut to consult employees in Montreal or in New York, or in Paris, and then make better decisions, take better actions on their projects, Slack has been empowering.

Elie Soueidy
Head of Digital Services, Keeward

“Cross-office (and country) collaboration keeps all of our teams connected to each other and engaged,” shares Soueidy. “In the early days of using Slack, one of our colleagues launched a Zoom conversation in the general channel, and people joined in from all over the world. Some were having pizza for lunch, others were on their way out. It was quirky and human, and it allowed some of us to see each other for the first time.”

Keeward’s tech team brings this to life. System administrators and development operations team members across the organization use Slack as a real-time triage center for platform issues, monitoring Slack channels for any new exceptions or error reports. For example, if there’s a bug in the platform code their Sentry tool interfaces with Slack to send a notification of what happened at what point in the code to the appropriate channel.

With Slack, you start interacting with people you otherwise wouldn't have thought would be relevant for the kinds of conversations you’re having.

Elie Soueidy
Head of Digital Services, Keeward

They also use Slack to keep the organization up to date on deployments. Every time they launch a deployment process on Heroku, in both the staging and production environments, a notification is sent to the relevant channels on Slack.

“We've customized our own workflow in Slack of how to report issues and how to handle them,” says Soueidy. “It’s very useful when you have the original person posting one report, and then the rest of the people interacting within a common thread. It's helped us organize things and keep the communication going.”

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