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Kemmler Baustoffe Gmbh (Kemmler) is a regional German construction supplies wholesale distributor. In Germany, regional, family-owned business like Kemmler are sought-after employers known for their stability. But that means managing change is sometimes a challenge. Plus, only a small number of employees are fluent in English, so English language-based technology tools can be overwhelming.

Thanks to adopting the German-language edition of Slack, managers are finally able to introduce new procedures and technology tools throughout the geographically dispersed organization.

When there's true collaboration needed, such as when we’re building a Web concept, Slack helps us tremendously.

Sascha Fueseler
Web Leader, Kemmler

“Although Slack is not difficult to use, having a German-language version gives our team the feeling that they understand what the software is all about,” said Sascha Fueseler, Web Leader.

Slack has been integral to building the company’s technology infrastructure. Working in collaboration with the Berlin-based technology team and the Romanian development team, the Tübingen-based online team regularly use Slack’s interactive screen sharing functionality to collaborate from a distance. Regardless of their distance from HQ, screen sharing makes every employee in the company part of the same team.

In the product design phase, customer success managers (CSMs) often share screens with key customers to understand how they use the product. Their designers then use screen sharing to validate first sketches for new features with the CSMs and customers. Designers, developers, and customer success managers also flesh out product details with screen sharing. Finally, developers and product managers share their screens to discuss the technical implementation of the new features.

“We have a strong need to communicate across physical locations,” says Fueseler. “If we're working on concepts, in the early phases where we're still working on the product, it's really helpful that two or more people can work on the same screen.”

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