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As a growing company, it’s a struggle at times to maintain consistent communication internally and with our global network - Slack has filled that hole.

Maddie Saunders
Global Planner, Lush

Lush is the cosmetics company known for soaps and bath bombs made from fresh ingredients. As a rapidly growing, global company operating stores on six continents, Lush strives towards transparency.

While many of the groups at the UK headquarters were unified in terms of objectives, some groups suffered a bit of disconnect, not being in the same building and doing widely varying jobs. Bringing Slack into the mix, they gleefully report, helped solve their internal communication and got everyone talking, with projects from the major groups within the company truly becoming transparent to one another.

Since adopting Slack, internal email use has reduced by 75%, with the remaining messages left for big important announcements (which they’re planning to move into Slack as well). Post-email, people have gotten smarter about messaging and no longer worry about who should or shouldn’t be CC’d on messages. Questions are no longer lost in archived emails, and instead found in channels. Everything just works better.

Because of how quickly we've grown and the type of company Lush is, there's no org-chart, so it's tough to figure out what people do. But if you see what a group is doing in Slack, you'll learn what each member is an expert in. It has improved communication between groups greatly.

Maddie SaundersGlobal Planner, Lush

They’re also experimenting with Slack for communication with Lush shops, starting with their flagship store on Oxford Street. It gives the corporate team a direct channel to support the shop using social media, and any website issues can be flagged up to headquarters to fix instantly.

"One of the biggest surprises has been Slack’s ability to connect and spur conversation between teams and departments in different locations that might not normally happen. This is resulting in a more collaborative and serendipitous workplace at Lush."

Adam Goswell
Global UX & Digital Design — Lush

For Lush, Slack first filled a gap in their communication toolset, then allowed core teams to be on the same page and promote the organization’s core values of transparency. And as a bonus, with Slack now integral to the operation of those teams, bringing on new members from around the world has made rapid growth manageable and communication across the entire organization possible in ways it never was before.

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