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Maison Chateau Rouge

Clothing and beverage company with a small but mighty team does it all in Slack.

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Paris, France

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Maison Chateau Rouge, a clothing brand, e-shop and retail store launched in 2014 to celebrate the neighborhood of the same name in Paris with the traditional, yet contemporary African dress styles that are popular there. This team of four also runs a beverage company called Bana-Bana, a traditional African drink made from hibiscus. To juggle it all and stay organized, they depend on Slack.

Slack helps them keep it simple. As they explain, each member of the company is “doing everything everyday,” says co-founder Yoann Maillé. They don’t have separate teams to handle marketing or operations, so Slack channels represent their functions and discussion topics.

New fabric pattern ideas and inspiration from other websites or social media are shared in Slack channels. Designers share their work in channel too, and the rest of the team provides comments to make sure the work reflects Maison Chateau Rouge’s vision.

We appreciate Slack for our daily work, our daily routine. Slack is really helpful to talk easily on differents subjects at the same time because of the channels.

Yoann MailléCo-founder, Maison Chateau Rouge

“We can instantly show websites, photos, events and you are sure everyone can see it,” says Maillé. "You can share information really quickly and you know that everyone can see the same thing you are reading at the same time."

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