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MATRIXX makes software for mobile providers looking to offer their customers a cutting-edge digital experience. The marketing team has also supercharged their ability to brainstorm, conceptualize, and execute campaigns effectively across many time zones by working together in Slack.

Ideation to finished marketing asset usually takes a couple of months. Before Slack, it was hard to see how their assets were progressing when their team of remote workers are rarely in the same room. Now, the team experiences greater transparency — and better products overall.

“Now we can see how our marketing campaigns come together over time, from raw idea to, say, an eBook, which increases the quality of our work,” says Oisin O’Connor, Director Product Marketing.

MATRIXX’s communications with external contractors, like their graphic designer/web developer and PR team, has also improved with Slack. By inviting them as guests in Slack, these members of the team can participate in in-channel discussions in real time, eliminating the unnecessary lag time of relaying information via email.

It used to be much more difficult to assess how a project was progressing. Now we can see how our work comes together over time.

Oisin O’Connor
Director Product Marketing, MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX also has achieved unusual growth with the help of Slack and the integration of Hubspot’s app GrowthBot. GrowthBot brings the power of HubSpot’s analytics into Slack. The marketing team connects GrowthBot to specific campaign channels, saving the time they would otherwise spend digging through the tool, editing filters and exporting and analyzing insights before they can make them actionable.

“When a campaign has just gone live and you're trying to get a picture of how it's going, that's when you don't want to be spending your time in Excel sheets,” says Mark Phillips, Demand Generation Manager. “You want to be doing more important work.”

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