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Mindcurv is a digital commerce services provider that designs, develops, deploys, and operates e-commerce services for companies throughout Europe. Slack is how Mindcurv stays customer-centric, connected and organized.

They start with #customer channels and then create sub-project, department and management channels. A mix of public and private channels keeps the teams in the know — and customer details only in the hands of those who have signed the customer’s non-disclosure agreement. There’s an #alarm channel for each customer; when it lights up, the teams know who needs their focus. They can react fast before a glitch starts to affect their customers’ sales.

It's addictive, but we've managed to make sure we're also enabling focus. It's game-changing. It's had an extremely significant impact on our efficiency and on our culture.

Vincent De Jong
Digital Strategist , Mindcurv

For internal communications, numbered channels (#Channel-1, #Channel-2, etc.) let everyone know what’s a must read or an FYI. Teams can find a variety of business-related subjects in Knowledge Share (#KS) channels. A dedicated project manager oversees the introduction of new channels to help maintain naming conventions and their thoughtful organization. Their setup helps teams stay on track, informed, and ready to serve their customers.

“It's drastically changed how we work as a company,” says Digital Strategist Vincent De Jong. “The NPS score for Slack for us is extremely high.”

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