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Detecting bugs with more efficiency through a user feedback hub and Slack.

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Naspers is a multinational media group operating in more than 130 countries. The company’s online classifieds company, OLX, designed an efficient system to quickly collect customer bug alerts from review sites, all with the help of Slack.

“We had an account with Slack for internal communication, but then I started thinking we need some integration that can help us to detect bugs or problems in real time,” says Cynthia Toral, Product Manager, Shared Services.

Enter Slack and integrations Zendesk and Appbot. When an error occurs or a user posts a comment on external review sites, Appbot scans the language for pre-selected keywords. The app then generates a comment in a designated Slack channel where all stakeholders can review. Zendesk generates a ticket and a custom report that OLX’s customer support specialists can reference when responding to customers.

We want to provide a better experience to app users and improve the ratings and the performance of the apps. At the same time, we want to provide better and more accurate information to the relevant tech teams. Slack is allowing us to do this. Internal communication, but globally, to solve user problems.

Cynthia Toral
Product Manager, Shared Services, Naspers

“Before, nothing was automated,” says Toral. “Hearing from customer support used to take at least a couple of days. Now, we get them fixes sooner.”

So far, Naspers has rolled out the Slack customer support solution in two countries, and will eventually do the same in all 45 locations where OLX operates.

“We expect to reduce the time for bug detection and create a better experience for the end user who took the time to report a problem,” adds Toral. “By doing this, we hope to change that bad experience into a good rating.”

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