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Optimizely is a platform that enables companies to experiment across websites, mobile apps, and connected devices and optimize the customer experience. Their sales team uses Slack to focus on customer experience, celebrate wins, and learn from losses.

Before Slack, the company relied on email distribution lists for just about everything. Inbox overload was common. For the sales team, that meant missing out on key details that could help them better serve their customers. Now they have several channels in Slack that pipe in customer details from Salesforce. When they win, renew or lose a customer, the sales rep fills out a form to share the story in Salesforce, which triggers a feed to the channels. While the channels are sales-focused, teams across the company, from product, to design to engineering, jump in to learn how to make Optimizely better.

These digital conversations create content, which enables forward progress. Rather than having to rehash the finer details of earlier discussions, some of which are inevitably lost forever, Slack allows you to immediately build on prior decisions and insights.

Will Soupcoff
Head of CRM, Optimizely

“Slack gives everyone in the organization an opportunity to contribute value to the customer experience,” says Will Soupcoff, Head of CRM. “Employees in roles that are far removed from the customer relationship have visibility into what’s happening on the front lines. That awareness drives change and that change makes us a healthier organization.”

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