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Slack is instrumental in allowing us to communicate both internally and externally, giving us the flexibility to react quickly to our customer's needs, manage resources, and most importantly, deliver impeccable customer service. Slack is an integral tool for our company and critical to the way we do business.

Mark McGarrity
CEO, Pilgrim Consulting

Pilgrim develops smart software solutions and uses Slack and the guest channels feature to deliver their highest level of support to clients. Slack, says CEO Mark McGarrity, has been a “game changer” for Pilgrim.

At the beginning of every engagement, Pilgrim creates a new Slack channel for both the client and the team working on the project. The Slack channel becomes the basis for communication, file storage, updates and status reports. Slack centers what they call "The Pilgrim Way”: All customer communication occurs within the appropriate Slack channel, keeping records clean, concise and easy to find.

McGarrity requests that all his customers use Slack. “Rapid development requires rapid communication. We tell our clients to use Slack as a way to quickly provide feedback, share files and interact with the Pilgrim team. The interaction that happens within the individual channels allows us to react quickly and saves our clients both time and money."

Pilgrim integrates many applications to serve their customers better. Jira, Confluence, Google Docs, and Google Drive enable in-channel file sharing and content collaboration. Jira keeps them aware of development status and progress. If they need to chat live, Slack’s call feature is their go-to.

“In rare circumstances where clients prefer to use other methods of communication, projects delay or take longer without the consistent dialogue in Slack,” McGarrity shares. “It can mean the difference between on-time delivery or project delays and cost overruns."

McGarrity says customers are more than 80 percent more interactive and responsive in Slack as compared to email. In fact, Pilgrim measures their effectiveness by the number of Slack messages sent on a weekly and monthly basis.

“I use it as a barometer to how well we are communicating with our customers,” explains McGarrity. “I love seeing that weekly report from Slack showing the number of interactions with our clients."

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