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Empowering customer success to build stronger relationships with Slack.

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Plytix is a SaaS platform that helps small to medium retail brands manage and optimize their product data. With Slack, Plytix’s customer success team is better able to manage their accounts, chat live with customers and access other high-use apps.

Quickly delivering high-touch customer onboarding is a priority at Plytix, yet the customer success team struggled to quickly respond to new customer signups. “You want to be able to reach new users within the first five minutes after they signed up,” says Alex López, Founder & CTO. “That instant connection is crucial to building a solid relationship and improving your conversion rate.“

Slack has made our team more agile and responsive, and we feel closer to our teammates despite the distance between Denmark and Spain.

Alex López
Founder & CTO, Plytix

Now every time a new account is created in their system, a custom-built integration sends a message to the #signups channel in Slack to alert the team. The agent that takes on the client adds an emoji reaction to the notification, letting the team know it’s being taken care of.

Slack was already the company’s communications hub when they decided to implement a live chat system through the Slaask app. When a user starts a live chat session, the action triggers the creation of a new channel in Slack, automatically adding support team members and notifying them to respond based on their work schedules.

“We are even able to invite other team members to the live chat if we need someone with a more technical background or if a language barrier arises,” says López. “Also, while we are chatting through Slack, we have a variety of tools available to provide the best service experience possible. Some of our favorites are the ability to see what the user is doing, file sharing, and screenshots.”

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