Founded in 2012 / 2016 (as merged)


A property management and a real estate company meet, merge and make magic with Slack.

Industry statistics


Real Estate Technology


Dallas, TX / Los Angeles, CA


GitHub, Airbrake, Docker Cloud, Zapier, Custom Slackbot

Reduction in Implementation Time


When online property management platform LandlordStation acquired struggling consumer real estate site RadPad at the end of 2016, they were faced with the challenge of integrating two companies in just 15 days. Since Landlord Station was based in Dallas and RadPad in Los Angeles, they needed a strategy that would let them combine their two products quickly and smoothly.

With Slack — including a host of integrations such as Airbrake, Docker Cloud, and GitHub — the two companies’ product development teams were able to quickly catch each other up and work side by side over a two-week period to move and relaunch their new combined product.

“We had a roughly 15-day deadline to merge and move the entire tech stack,” says LandlordStation founder and RadPad CEO Copley Broer. “It was a deal-killer type timeframe; if we did not get it done in 15 days, the apps would have gone dark.”

Slack really enabled us to do something insanely difficult that, frankly, I'm not sure would have been possible otherwise.

Copley Broer
CEO, RadPad

Broer further explains, “We didn’t have time to get everybody together on a retreat to meet each other before we started working, so it was like, ‘Hey, we just added you to the Slack channel and it's all hands on deck. Let's go.’”

Today RadPad operates across two headquarters in the US, with 30 employees working from Mexico, China, and India. The teams are able to communicate effectively despite language and geographical barriers in Slack. Now that RadPad is serving a new mix of customers on their new tech platform, Slack has become integral to keeping the company, its combined teams, and its product functioning normally.

“Now that we're past the difficult parts of merging, we rely on Slack more than ever,” says Broer. “It's just become completely indispensable to the way that we operate.”

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