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Small Improvements

Praise sent via Slack Integration


Small Improvements is a Berlin-based startup that makes HR software for performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, tracking objectives and goals, and one-on-one meetings. The company’s app helps its 700+ customers worldwide develop employees and encourage communication between managers, direct reports, and peers. By integrating Small Improvements’ app with Slack, enthusiastic clients are seeing improved communication and a boost in recognition.

“We noticed that a lot of the conversation around constructive feedback was already happening in Slack,” says Michael Ruhwedel, Software Developer. “We wanted to integrate our tool with it so that our customers could have an easy way to praise somebody, give feedback or, if you are a manager, to see if somebody is working toward their goals.”

I don't want to put this lightly: Slack is essential for our day-to-day work life.

Jeremy Cothran
Product Marketing Manager, Small Improvements

Through the integration, barriers are lowered so users don’t have to log into the app to leave Praise. When direct reports update their progress on objectives, managers receive notifications via Slack bot. Employees can also use commands like “/praise” in team channels to attach positive feedback to a coworker’s file while simultaneously recognizing their work in front of peers.

The integration has given their clients an easier way to keep HR files up-to-date and make sure reviews more accurately reflect employee performance.

I don't want to put this lightly: Slack is essential for our day-to-day work life.

Product Marketing Manager —

“By integrating with Slack, we lowered the barrier for people who probably are more reluctant to log into the Small Improvements app,” says Ruhwedel. “It made it very easy for people who spend all day in Slack anyway.”

The integration has also been an asset to team morale.

“Because our clients are also spread out across the globe, they told us it really binds the company culture together when you can praise an employee and it pops up in Slack,” says Jeremy Cothran, Product Marketing Manager. “No matter where the rest of the office may be, everyone can celebrate that employee together. It really becomes a motivating factor.”

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