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Reduction in Duration of Sales Cycle


Brilliant inventions are all in a day's work at global digital innovation firm Solstice. The award-winning team of strategists, designers and engineers are busy developing bold new digital products and solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Using clever Slackbots, Solstice has done just that—energized their culture of collaboration and rapid experimentation, accelerated their sales process, and figured out an inventive way to order drinks, too.

“Slack has been the most incredible tool, bringing everyone into one, central location,” says Dan Kardatzke, Chief Financial Officer. A “#pursuit” channel in Slack contains all their sales process conversations, including statements of work and status updates.

“I can have an individual finance conversation and create a channel where everything is tracked historically,” says Kardatzke. “I can search and find all the relevant files and everything I need. It just moves things through the process so much quicker now.” The result: a 50% reduction in their sales cycle duration.

We're all about integrating our existing systems into Slack wherever we can to scale our delivery and operations for the future.

Danny Cohn
Architect, Solstice

With this proof point, Solstice was inspired to use Slack to automate even more tasks and increase efficiency across the company. One of their custom Slackbots, Siena, responds to slash commands. Siena will submit a ticket to IT support and automatically log it in their tracking system. Type “Siena, book me a room for 1 p.m.” and the bot will automatically find an available meeting room and pop bookings into calendars. Siena will even deliver an ice cold refreshment.

“We bought an old vending machine and set it up to let you order a drink from an iPad app,” explains Danny Cohn, Architect. “Now we can also do that from Slack. Type ‘Vend me a Coke’ and our vending machine will drop a Coke, ready for consumption.”

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