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Based in Los Angeles, California, Ticketmaster is the world’s leading live event ticketing company with over 480 million ticket transactions each year in 28 countries. Ticketmaster uses Slack to design and build new features as well as stay on top of any glitches or bad bots that affect site performance.

Before Slack, you didn't get the same meaningful, human interactions. It was more like sending an e-mail out there and hoping to get a response. It was formal and impersonal. Now, we have over 1,800 custom emojis.

Sherry Taylor
Executive Director, Technology, Ticketmaster

Securing online sales with Slack

Ticketmaster is the gateway to some of the most in-demand events, and when those tickets go on sale, countless eager fans flood the site. When managing massive demand, Ticketmaster’s engineering teams jump into Slack. Integrations like PagerDuty and Rigor help them immediately learn if and where any problems are and to troubleshoot, while Giphy keeps the mood light.

“I lead cross-functional initiatives that touch every facet of our business. Hundreds of people are contributing across the world with many stakeholders who need to stay informed. The ease of communication that Slack provides helps support the teams that are delivering value at this pace and scale,” says Sherry Taylor, Executive Director, Technology.

Following channels is one of the best ways to engage with an engineering team, a group that is as in-demand as the tickets. They were the first at Ticketmaster to use Slack. Other teams who needed to engage with them, including customer service, operations, and marketing, soon followed.

It helped enable the culture shift that we wanted to have and gave us a stronger sense of community.

Sherry TaylorExecutive Director, Technology

It works the way they work

It’s not the nature of the company to lock things down. They like that Slack is as open as they are and lets everyone get work done their own way. Taylor introduced Slack to Ticketmaster, but as she explains, she’s not in charge of it.

“Slack belongs to everyone, with each division acting as its own startup,” says Taylor. “But we still need to be able to work together. For wide-ranging initiatives, you don't just go to any single team and watch the information trickle down. You've got to talk to a lot of different groups. Even if you’re not contributing to a project, you can follow along by joining the channel.”

“It helped enable the culture shift that we wanted to have and gave us a stronger sense of community.

Sherry Taylor
Executive Director, Technology — Ticketmaster

Roadblocks before, ease after

Taylor remembers how challenging it was for teams to jump into their work and be responsive away from the office before Slack. Slack’s mobile friendliness, built-in company directory, and stored history of conversations helps the team get up to speed and get work done — even on the go. Now Ticketmaster can focus on building awesome new features, keeping the site running smoothly, slaying bad bots, and serving fans.

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