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Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Space-age software development all in one place.

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These teams use Slack to make their working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

The ability to be always on, located in the same place, and have a common touch point where data can be shared is vital to us.

The fantastic thing about Slack is transparency. Everyone can see what everyone else is working on and the status of things is much more visible.

It just makes giving a full view of a project and who's working on, what they're doing, that much easier, which I've found really awesome.

As a growing company, it's a struggle at times to maintain consistent communication internally and with our global network - Slack has filled that hole.

Feeling both unproductive and micromanaged, the team yearned for a simpler way to report up to managers and communicate across departments.

It's such a seamless integration into our workflow. For me, that’s the best part. It’s a really natural thing for us to be using.

The internal team at takes Slack channel organization just as seriously as their initiatives.

Less email, happier team.

Our customers love seeing an average of 48.6% reduction in internal email, meaning more time to do great things instead of writing about them. To see more data on how Slack improves productivity, check out our survey results.
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