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Big companies simply don’t work like small companies, and they don’t use Slack the same way either. That’s why there’s Grid.

Manage Slack at scale

The ease of communication and natural flow of work that millions have found in Slack can now come to your company — thanks to a single layer that brings all parts of your business together.

Fulfill your security and compliance requirements, configurable down to the workspace

With Slack Enterprise Grid, your data is protected on all levels. In a single view, you can manage security, policy, and compliance across all of Slack. For additional control, you can also tailor policies and security features workspace by workspace — as projects and work warrant.

Integrate with our security and compliance partners to enable Data Loss Prevention (DLP), e-Discovery, and offsite backups.

Unify your tools and systems with Slack’s platform

Integrations for Slack Enterprise Grid can be provisioned across your whole company — or more selectively to individual workspaces and the shared channels between them.

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With over 900 apps and bots to choose from, you can give your teams the specific tools they need to do their work from Slack.

Powering the work of global organizations

“We have what we like to call an ‘end to end delivery pipeline’ that starts with source code and goes all the way through to production deployment. And now we have Slack integrated into all the key milestones in that process.” Thomas Lawless
Senior Software Engineer, IBM
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