A Slack channel surrounded by people’s profile photos and channel names like “team design” and “billing”

Discover a new way of working

Bring the right people and information together in channels. Share ideas, make decisions and move work forward with a common purpose and place.

What is a channel?

Video describing what a Slack channel is.

Organize your work

Channels bring order and clarity to work — you can create them for every project, topic, or team. When there’s a channel for everything, you can focus on the conversations and work that matters most to you.

Create alignment

Channels provide you and your team with a shared view into the work being done. With access to the same information, everyone in the channel can work in sync, and new members have full context when they join. And whenever you want to talk, simply use Slack Huddles to start a live voice conversation.

Be more productive

As you work in channels, your conversations and files become a searchable archive that gets more useful with time. Find answers, get context and make better decisions without having to chase down people or information.

Work together, no matter how you work

Channels are flexible spaces for all the people, tools, and files you need to get work done.

Public channels

These channels are open for anyone at your company to join or find in search. Increase transparency while allowing everyone to benefit from the context of your conversations.

Private channels

For sensitive or confidential conversations, you can use private channels. Only those who are invited can view the channel or find its contents in search.

Slack Connect

Work with multiple organizations in a channel. Speed up communication with clients, vendors, agencies, and more.

Frequently asked questions

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You can invite someone outside of your company to share a channel in Slack. Or, skip the channels for now and send an invitation to start exchanging direct messages — just like you would in other DMs!

It really only takes a few clicks to start working closely with vendors, customers, and more. We welcome you to book a free 20 minute call with a Slack expert!

Slack starts at $6.67 USD/person per month when you pay up front for the year. Browse our selection of plans and choose the option that’s right for your team.

Channels work best—and help you work better—when your company follows a few basic guidelines around them:

• Have a consistent naming convention across your organization’s channels, so everyone can quickly identify which channel has what they need
• Ensure that every channel has a clear purpose for why it was created, and include that purpose in the channel description
• Update every channel topic to include a clear summary of what everyone is currently working on
• Set up new channels by uploading any important project files and posting a welcome message to kick things off
• Pin all key files and relevant information to the channel, so it’s easy for new members to access and refer back to them
• Add the right people to your channel, including everybody involved in the project or topic, so they all have one place to work together

You sure can! With Slack Connect, you can invite people outside of your company to share any existing channel in your workspace or create a new channel if you want to start fresh.