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Huddles and clips

Power productivity with more flexibility

Huddles and clips let you talk things out and get things done—when, where and how you want.

Use huddles to cowork and connect

  • Give teams a digital-first way to quickly come together, problem-solve and co-create in real time—without scheduling another meeting and interrupting workflows.
  • Connect over lightweight audio or video in a single click, for spontaneous conversations or deep coworking sessions.
  • Work right alongside your team with multi-person screen sharing, drawing and cursors, with the added joy of emoji, reactions and stickers.
  • Leave aligned, with everything you shared in the huddle—including links, notes and chats—automatically saved in a message thread in the channel or DM where it was launched.
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Share clips, for updates on your own time

  • Create short audio, video and screen recordings to share an update, showcase work, walk through a product demo, or provide step-by-step instructions.
  • Speed up work by giving everyone across teams, time zones, physical spaces and companies an easy way to swap information that people can access when they’re free.
  • Watch clips your way—speed them up, slow them down, or read the captions.
  • Transcriptions are archived and searchable, adding to your organization’s knowledge history.
See it in action
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“If you need to have a conversation, you’re not going to schedule it with a calendar, you’re going to stay in Slack. With huddles, we can look at each other on video. We can thread the conversation. We can screen share at the same time as our colleagues. Huddles keeps teams moving with work in one place.”T Mobile

Tamara Jensen

Principal Technical Product Manager, T-Mobile

Frequently asked questions

Huddles are perfect for informal discussions or spontaneous working sessions. For instance, you can start a huddle to ask a quick question, brainstorm, resolve an issue, or work together on slides or a document.

All huddles start as audio-only conversations. If you are looking to collaborate deeper with your team, you can turn on your video, share your screen, send messages in the huddle thread, and use fun expressions, reactions, and stickers throughout the course of your discussion or working session.

All huddles start from where you are already doing your work—in a channel or direct message. Simply flip the huddle toggle at the bottom left corner of your Slack window to initiate a huddle with your team.

With the free version of Slack, there’s a two-person maximum for huddles. With the paid versions of Slack, you can have a huddle with up to 50 people, and create clips too.

Rather than trying to get everyone together at the same time, post a video or audio clip instead. Clips are useful for providing updates, sharing thoughts, or walking someone through a complex topic—on any schedule.

Anyone in a channel or direct message can send or play audio or video clips and reply in a thread with a clip of their own.

You can speed up or slow down videos, pause or play when you need, turn on or off captions, or read the transcript, and watch as many times as you want to make sure you don’t miss any details.

When recording a clip, you can have your camera on or off and even blur your video background. Share your screen in a video clip—perfect for walking someone through a project.

Clips can be up to 5 minutes long.