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Work alongside your team with huddles

Bring the feeling of working side by side to a virtual space that lets you collaborate and co-create live.

Gather ‘round with the flip of a switch

Huddles happen right in Slack. Instantly connect over audio or video and share screens so you can get more done where you’re already working.


    increase in productivity among teams that use huddles*

    *Source: FY23 Customer Success Metrics, Salesforce, responses from 181 Slack users, November 2022

    Liven up the conversation

    Emoji reactions. Colorful backgrounds. Delightful effects. In huddles, teams can express themselves to make being together even better.

      If it’s shared in a huddle, it’s saved in Slack

      Any links, documents and messages shared during a huddle are automatically saved once the huddle ends, so your team can easily jump back to them for reference.

        Slick pair of Slack-branded headphones
        “If you need to have a live conversation, you’re going to stay in Slack. Huddles keeps teams moving with work in one place.”T Mobile

        Tamara Jensen
        Principal Technical Product Manager, T-Mobile

        Frequently asked questions

        Huddles are perfect for informal discussions or spontaneous working sessions. For instance, you can start a huddle to ask a quick question, brainstorm, resolve an issue, or work together on slides or a document.

        All huddles start as audio-only conversations. If you are looking to collaborate deeper with your team, you can turn on your video, share your screen, send messages in the huddle thread, and use fun reactions throughout the course of your discussion or working session.

        All huddles start from where you are already doing your work—in a channel or direct message. Simply flip the huddle toggle at the bottom left corner of your Slack window to initiate a huddle with your team.

        Huddles are available on desktop, mobile and iPad so you can start (or join!) a huddle wherever you’re working.

        With the free version of Slack, there’s a two-person maximum for huddles. With the paid versions of Slack, you can have a huddle with up to 50 people.