Slack turns institutional knowledge into common knowledge

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Find the final copy for your project with just one simple search.

A searchable archive makes your history useful

Looking for context on a past decision or the fastest path to onboard a new hire? Every discussion, decision, and document in Slack is archived, indexed, and available through search, making the past easily referenceable.

Slack also indexes the content of every shared file so you can search within PDFs, Word documents, Google Drive files, and more.

Slack can identify the people best equipped to answer questions on a certain topic.

Intelligence features give you superpowers

The longer you use Slack, the more it enhances the way you work with machine learning. In search, Slack will point you to the conversations, files, and people most relevant to your query. Highlights and recaps also prioritize important messages, making it faster to catch up.

Everything you need to be an expert

Information Archive

Every piece of work that flows into Slack - from messages to files and notifications - is indexed and searchable, so nothing gets lost or forgotten.


Slack helps you find people, messages, files, and more. Powerful search operators and filters make it fast to slice and dice results to find the exact thing you're after.

Search Recommendations

When you're searching for frequently-used subjects, Slack suggests the most relevant people and messages for your search, so you can get to the right place, faster.

Channel Recommendations

To make sure you're connected to the right projects and people, Slack will recommend channels you may want to join, along with inactive channels you may want to leave.


Highlights are Slack's best prediction of the messages that matter most to you, based on how you use Slack. Use them to quickly catch up on things you've missed.


With the ability to fine-tune notifications to your needs, you can maintain focus when required, while never missing a critical update.

There is more to Slack than search