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Apps are part of the conversation

Slack’s growing ecosystem of 3rd party apps helps you integrate routine workflows into your team’s channels - from task management to expense reporting or running a team survey. Connecting these tools with Slack reduces context switching, letting people take action as the conversation moves forward.

An illustration demonstrating how you can start to create your own app specifically for your team.

An API full of possibilities

Beyond Slack’s directory of more than 1,000 apps ready to install, you can also configure Slack for your team’s unique needs with our open API. Building on Slack is easy. We have over 155,000 weekly active developers, and teams who create custom integrations streamline previously complex processes.

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Available and synced across every device

With Slack desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux, and native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, you have access wherever you are: file search and filtering, starred items, the team directory, platform integrations, and, of course, all your messages.

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There is more to Slack than the platform