Read channel highlights

You can click the   info icon in any channel to see helpful channel details. Within Channel Details, you’ll find channel Highlights — a space dedicated to summarizing the most recent and important activity. ✨

Note: A channel must have more than 5 members and at least 50 messages to generate highlights.

Why read channel highlights?

  • Onboard and get up to speed quickly. 
  • Efficiently prioritize what gets your attention in Slack.
  • Take breaks or step away from Slack, without missing a beat. 

Ways to use channel highlights

🏃  Hit the ground running

New to the team or jumping into a project? Get up to speed quickly by reviewing the channel's most important activity from the past 6 months.

🎯  Prioritize what gets your attention

Use highlights as a way to efficiently prioritize what gets your attention. Focus on channels that regularly need your review or input, and use highlights to keep up with other channels that are less pressing. For the days you’re totally swamped, channel highlights help you skim and stay on top of the activity in any channel.

🌴  Take a break, or a vacation!

Coming back from a quick break or a long vacation? Good for you! It’s easy to catch up on the channels you work in by reviewing their highlighted activity.