Guide to Slack Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder offers a set of tools to help you automate routine tasks and processes in Slack. Workflows can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, and can even be connected to other apps and tools you use to get work done.

Note: We're gradually releasing a new version of Workflow Builder. Visit Introducing new Slack platform features and pricing for an overview of what’s changed.

What is a workflow?

A workflow makes everyday tasks in Slack easier for you and your team. If you’re new to workflows, we recommend checking out our tutorials:

How do you build a workflow?

No matter what they need to do, workflows have two main components: a trigger (how the workflow will start), and steps (the actions you want the workflow to take).

Our Build a workflow tutorial is a great place to start, but if you’re looking for more detailed instructions, you’ll find them in Create a new workflow in Slack.

Tip: We offer several customizable templates you can use to quickly create workflows for common tasks, like collecting information or scheduling reminders.

Find and use workflows

Whether you decide to create your own workflows or not, you may need to use them to get work done. You can find workflows from a few places in Slack:

  • Workflow links
    Anyone can run a workflow by clicking the link. Workflow links can be shared anywhere in Slack (channels, direct messages, canvases, etc.).
  • Shortcuts menu
    Click the  slash icon and start typing the name of a workflow to select it from the menu.
  • Search
    From your desktop, click the search bar, then click the  Workflows filter (or type the name of a workflow and select it from the list of results). On mobile, tap  Search, then tap Browse Workflows.
Who can use this feature?
  • By default, all members can create workflows, and members and guests can use them
  • Available on paid plans