File storage in Slack

When you upload a file to a channel or direct message, it will be stored in Slack. All PDFs, documents, images, screenshots, and audio and video files uploaded to a channel or direct message count towards the file storage limit.

The amount of space available for a workspace varies by plan:

Plan File storage
Free plan 5GB total for the entire workspace
Standard plan 10GB per member
Plus plan 20GB per member
Enterprise Grid plan 1TB (1,000GB) per member

Note: Files shared via apps like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive do not count towards the file storage limit.

If your workspace reaches the limit, we'll let you know. Members can continue to upload files, but older files will be automatically archived to make room for new ones. Members won't be able to view archived files in channels, direct messages, or search results, but upgrading your plan will unarchive any archived files.

For more space, you can delete older files or upgrade your plan.