Get Google Analytics reports in Slack

 What you'll learn in 2 minutes or less: How to connect your Google Analytics account to get reports in Slack.

Save time by having reports sent directly to a Slack channel so you can track metrics that matter most and discuss next steps with your team.


Go for it!

  1. Install an app like Arc Analytics to Slack and connect your Google Analytics account.
  2. From the app, create a project and add the Google Analytics reports you want posted to a Slack channel. For example, you could add a report about traffic on your website and have it posted in a #website-analytics channel.
  3. Set up filters and alerts to hone in on key metrics, and specify how often reports should be posted.
  4. View reports and discuss results together with your team in the channel.

    Here’s an example of what a Google Analytics report could look like in Slack: Example of a Google Analytics report showing metrics and a graph in a Slack channel

Learn more: Visit the Arc Analytics app page in the Slack App Directory to find detailed guides.