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Make the most of Atlassian apps in Slack

Less coordination, more focus time. Use Slack to quickly resolve Jira issues, monitor tasks in Trello boards, keep an eye on Confluence updates and more.

Bring Slack and Atlassian tools together

Connect Jira projects to Slack

Don’t let issues slip through the cracks. Pipe real-time updates into Slack where everyone can quickly respond to project needs. As your team makes progress in Slack, attach those conversations to the Jira issue for easy reference.

With Jira Cloud you can:

  • Specify when to be alerted about updates to an issue
  • Receive notifications about ticket updates
  • Preview issues right in your channel
  • Create, assign, transition and comment on issues

Jira Cloud

Connect Jira Cloud projects to your Slack channels.

Keep Trello projects moving along

Make use of Slack to cut down on time spent managing project boards. Using the Trello app, you can swiftly take action on creating new cards, changing due dates, attaching conversations to cards, and more.

With Trello you can:

  • Attach conversations to cards to add relevant context
  • Paste Trello links into Slack to instantly view project details
  • Join and subscribe to cards and boards


Collaborate on Trello projects without leaving Slack.

Manage Confluence from Slack

Rely on Slack as a dedicated place to check for Confluence updates. With the Confluence app, you can choose which updates are most useful to share in Slack and add comments when teammates need your input.

With Confluence Cloud you can:

  • Fine-tune notifications to your specific needs
  • Reply to comments without leaving Slack
  • Paste Confluence links into Slack to preview details

Confluence Cloud

Stay up to date on Confluence Cloud spaces from Slack.

Sync Slack messages with Jira Service Desk tickets

Halp is a lightweight ticketing system built directly into Slack, meeting teams where they’re already engaged throughout the day. Halp can work on its own or be used to supercharge your Jira Service Desk, keeping Slack conversations and tickets in sync.

With Halp you can:

  • Create, edit, assign, comment, and transition Jira Service Desk tickets directly in Slack
  • React to a message in Slack with an emoji to initiate a Jira Service Desk ticket
  • Increase transparency and decrease response times between the requestor and agents
  • Automate responses to your customers or integrate with Confluence to send knowledge base articles


Modern IT ticketing helpdesk

Supercharge your workflows with Bitbucket

With the Bitbucket app, notifications can be tailored based on usage patterns. Bring the most critical moments, like a new feature branch, to the forefront while dialing back on less pressing work. From each message, you can perform everyday Bitbucket actions without ever leaving Slack.

With Bitbucket Cloud you can:

  • Create, merge and comment on a pull request
  • Send a friendly "nudge" about an overdue pull request
  • Add any Slack message as a comment to a pull request
  • Share code examples as inline contextual snippets

Bitbucket Cloud

Get updates about your repositories and take action in Slack.

Make Opsgenie alerts actionable in Slack

Forward incident management alerts into a Slack channel where the right people can quickly view them and take action. Using the /genie command, you can view alert details, mute notifications, view on-call schedules, and more.

With Opsgenie you can:

  • Tailor when and how alerts show up in your channel
  • Assign, take ownership, snooze, and add notes to alerts
  • Track progress on alerts throughout its lifecycle of activities


Simplify incident management processes in Slack.

Send Statuspage alerts into Slack

Keep the entire team in the loop during each stage of the incident management process, from ‘investigating’ to ‘resolved.’ With the Statuspage app, everyone has visibility into the same real-time status updates in Slack.

With Statuspage you can:

  • Post notifications to a channel when changes are made
  • Configure what type of events you want Statuspage to post

Statuspage Team Notifications

Stay up to date on your status page in Slack.

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