Two teammates having a conversation in a channel
Two teammates having a conversation in a channel

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Jägermeister cocktailJägermeister cocktail
“Als mir unser Collaborationsteam Slack vorstellte, wurde mir erst so richtig bewusst, dass meine primär aus E-Mails basierende Kommunikation ziemlich oldschool ist und ich die Möglichkeiten, die uns die neue Welt bietet, gar nicht voll ausschöpfe.”
Christopher Ratsch, Vorstandsmitglie
Delivery Hero
Süddeutsche Zeitung

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12Let’s use this channel to make the most of our weekly developer team meeting.
Mamadou Achebe2:45 PMWe’re presenting the new checkout flows to our product managers this week, but I’d like to use our team weekly to get everyone’s thoughts on the approach.
Mamadou Achebe4:45 PMAnd I’ll be forever grateful to whoever brings a sweet treat to our next meeting. Just saying.
Nikki Kroll9:30 AMI’d like to spend a few minutes of tomorrow’s meeting talking through some of the key points from the code audit. Having trouble articulating it in writing!
Mia Greco10:33 AMAnd here are the slides I’ll walk through. Please take a look beforehand!
GSuite Presentation
Dev Team Planning - Q2
uploaded this file: Dev Team Planning - Q2
Mia Greco10:17 AMOkay, everyone! Looking back through the week’s messages — here’s everything we have for today’s agenda. Let me know if you’d like to add anything.
• Latest checkout flows with @Mamadou Achebe
• Code audit findings and discussion with @Nikki Kroll
• Team planning discussion with yours truly
• Special surprise cupcake party
4 replies
Google CalendarAPP10:55 AM5 minutes until next event:
Dev Team Weekly
Monday, December 17 at 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Big Room, 4th Floor
Mia Greco (organizer), Nikki Kroll, and 10 others
Join Zoom Meeting
Nikki Kroll1:14 PMSuch a lively discussion, everyone! I took notes on your questions and have some answers for you here in the thread.
6 replies
Mamadou Achebe3:45 PMAnd if you’d like a closer look at the work I showed, here are the slides we’re reviewing with the product managers:
GSuite Presentation
New Checkout Experience
uploaded this file: New Checkout Experience
Message #dev-team-weekly
20Discussion about developing and launching a new checkout experience
Bilge Yanar9:55 AMwas added to #project_checkout by Lisa Zhang.
Bilge Yanar9:55 AMHey team! Let me know if you need any legal guidance or phrasing for the checkout flow.
Nikki Kroll10:00 AMGreat, @Bilge Yanar. We actually do have some disclaimers we’d like you to review, on slide 15:
GSuite Presentation
Checkout Flow v3GSuite Presentation
uploaded this file: Checkout Flow v3
1 reply
Michael Meyer10:12 AMHow’s the beta version coming along? Lots of enthusiasm to see it in the weekly exec meeting.
Paolo Contino10:15 AMI’m just about done with it — one lingering bug to sort out. Would love for @Gabriele Perino-Münster to take a look. Ticket number is FE-2704.
Jira CloudAPP10:15 AMFE-2704 Checkout module won’t render on hover
In progress
Paolo Contino
Gabriele Perino-Münster10:18 AMHappy to lend a second set of eyes.
10 replies
Jira CloudAPP10:51 AMFE-2704 Checkout module won’t render on hover
Paolo Contino
Paolo Contino11:00 AMOkay the beta version is ready! Should work for everyone on the staging site.
Michael Meyer11:05 AMThis is great. Do you mind if I share with #team-execs? They should have all the background they need after our briefing last week.
Nikki Kroll11:06 AMI think that’s a good idea! The faster we get feedback the faster we can start testing on the site.
Michael Meyer11:07 AMI'll report back.
Mamadou Achebe11:36 AMIn the meantime, @Nikki Kroll and I have been working on refreshing the Thank You page with some signature Acme goodness. Anyone want to brainstorm a funny headline?
15 replies
Mamadou Achebe12:45 PM We have a winner: how does “Order confirmed. Beep boop.” sound to everyone?
Michael Meyer12:55 PMThat’s good. In other news... the beta version is approved with no changes!️
Jira CloudAPP1:08 PMFE-2801 Set up beta for production experiment
In progress
Paolo Contino
Message #project-checkout
32Your home for financial and legal review of all customer contracts.
Gabriele Perino-Münster10:35 AMPlease stand by for a redlined contract from Fast Shipping Co. There might be substantial changes. Hoping to have it back to you by end of day.
Bilge Yanar10:36 AMI’m ready for a legal review whenever you need one, @Gabriele Perino-Münster.
Gabriele Perino-Münster3:21 PMAs promised. Lots of red ink. Well, digital red ink.
uploaded this file: 3.28 - ACME CONTRACT
Bilge Yanar3:36 PMLove a good challenge! I’m looking now.
Gabriele Perino-Münster3:45 PMLet me know if you’d like to hop on a call with their team to talk through the changes.
Bilge Yanar3:47 PMHmm that might be a good idea. I’ve got some questions.
Gabriele Perino-Münster3:52 PMI’ll start a call and dial them in.
Zoom meeting started by GabrieleThe call has ended
Meeting ID: 948-02-359
uploaded this file:
Stephan Zeis9:30 AMI’m meeting later today with our contact at Express Logistics. Can I get pre-approval on an estimated discount of 4.5%? This is based on projected activation of 11k.
SalesforceAPP9:30 AM
Express Logistics and Transport Account
Account Owner:
Stephan Zeis
Annual Revenue:
Michael Meyer9:34 AMHey @Stephan Zeis — that sounds good to me. Please ping me if anything changes during the meeting.
Stephan Zeis11:45 AM Meeting with Express went off without a hitch! I’ll get the contract in here ASAP. Hoping to close out before the end of the quarter.
Stephan Zeis12:20 PMAnd hot off the presses, looking for a green light on sending this contract over to Express:
uploaded this file: 3.28 - EXPRESS CONTRACT
Message #sales-approvals
Mamadou Achebe
Mamadou Achebe8:45 AMHowdy! I bring good news! I think I figured out the user flow we were trying to solve last week.
Nikki Kroll8:50 AMMy word! That is good news. Care to share?
Mamadou Achebe9:00 AMIt’s something like this. I’ll share this in channel if you think it’s okay:
uploaded this file:
Nikki Kroll9:04 AMBrilliant! A work of art! Five stars! But seriously, this makes sense. Share that in channel.
Mamadou Achebe9:06 AMThank you, thank you! I’d like to thank my agent, and my parents.
Nikki Kroll9:25 AMHey if you’re free can you call into this Zoom? We’re talking about the ideas you had. 55-55-55 (yes, that’s really the number).
Nikki Kroll9:55 AMLet me know if you want to talk strategy for our internal review today.
Mamadou Achebe10:00 AMThat’s a good call. I can set up some background and you can walk through the designs? Vice versa?
Nikki Kroll10:02 AMI think you’re more familiar with the designs so how about the second option. Sound good?
Mamadou Achebe10:10 AMYep. Also, did you see this note? Any idea of what you’re doing for your slide?
Lisa Zhang
Hey, everyone! For our team offsite next week, I have a new idea. How about everyone on the team prepare a short presentation — just one slide — about where you see the team going in the next year.
Posted in #design-team | Yesterday | View message
Nikki Kroll8:55 AMYes I already started mine if you’d like to take a look:
GSuite Presentation
Team Offsite - Zoe
uploaded this file: Team Offsite - Zoe
Mamadou Achebe9:06 AMThank you! I wasn’t quite sure what to write about so this helps.
Message Mamadou Achebe
Bilge Yanar, Gabriele Perino-Münster
Bilge Yanar9:00 AMHey, you two. Have some late breaking feedback I’d like to share with the team but it’s a little sensitive.
Nikki Kroll9:02 AMHow can we help?
Bilge Yanar9:05 AMI just showed some of our pages to an outside counsel and we’d like to be a little more conservative when talking about upcoming products.
Gabriele Perino-Münster9:06 AMAh — okay. Should we take a second look at the roadmap section of the site?
Bilge Yanar9:10 AMYes, that’s the primary area of concern. Here are a few specific things to watch out for:
Word document
Legal notes - Roadmap
uploaded this file: Legal notes - Roadmap
Nikki Kroll9:14 AMThis is great, thank you. Is it okay if I share this feedback directly with a designer?
Gabriele Perino-Münster9:15 AMI’ll have one of our engineers stand by for layout changes.
Bilge Yanar9:16 AMThis is great, thanks for the speedy work on this.
Nikki Kroll9:30 AMI’ve got someone working on this later today — will share their work here as soon as its done.
Bilge Yanar9:30 AMSounds good, I’ll be standing by.
Gabriele Perino-Münster9:32 AMAnother Slack conversation that saves us an email chain and a meeting. Let’s do this again sometime!
Nikki Kroll10:45 AMAlright here we go, new version of this page with proposed changes:
uploaded this file:
Bilge Yanar10:48 AMThank you! Looks like all the notes were addressed. @Gabriele Perino-Münster can you get your team started on the changes?
Gabriele Perino-Münster10:49 AMSharing now — should be able to make these changes by EOD.
Message Bilge Yanar, Gabriele Perino-Münster
Interactive demo of Slack
Interactive demo of Slack

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Icons for apps like Salesforce and Google Drive connecting to Slack
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Illustration of the different components of Slack for enterprise, like security and scale

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