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Introducing Forrester’s new study: ‘The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Technical Teams’

The market research firm crunches the numbers to show how Slack pays for itself – several times over

By the team at Slack29th September 2020

Switching to a new software solution can be a tough business decision. But, more importantly, it can also be a good business decision. To help organisations decide if Slack is right for them, we commissioned the trusted market researchers of Forrester to assess the economic impact of Slack. 

They conducted a robust series of surveys and interviews with companies that use Slack for their technical teams. The results are in the new study ‘The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Technical Teams’.

The study is packed with insights on the value that companies are realising with Slack. Some highlights include:

  • Surveyed companies saw a 338% return on investment with Slack
  • Slack paid for itself in less than six months
  • With Slack, employees saved time, improved communication and cut down on meetings

We think this information couldn’t come at a better time. All around the world, workforces must evolve at breakneck speeds, adapt to new styles of work on a near-daily basis and do it all from a new ‘office’. It’s a lot to take in for anyone, so you might not be surprised to hear that surveyed organisations cited transitioning to remote work, supporting synchronous and asynchronous communication and improving company culture as crucial reasons that they switched to Slack.

‘Slack is now our office. What we did face to face, we now do in Slack. And in terms of culture, in some ways, it’s better than the watercooler or pop-ins – since Slack can be asynchronous, you won’t be interrupting people while they’re in the middle of focus work, but they can catch up and be included in ongoing conversations after the fact.’

Engineering ManagerSecurity Technology Industry

We genuinely believe that Slack is the future of work, so we’re pleased to see that the surveyed companies experienced a measurable boost in productivity. We don’t want to spoil it all for you, but suffice it to say that the study reveals just how much teams save with Slack. Our customers have long told us that Slack has improved their communication, productivity and speed. Now we have the numbers to back it up.

Download ‘The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Technical Teams’ today

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