Find your conversation details organised in one place

In May 2021, we launched a new design of the Slack desktop app to simplify and organise details related to your conversations. If things look and feel a little bit different today, you’re in the right place to learn more about what’s changed.

Note: These changes are rolling out gradually. We appreciate your patience as we make them available to all customers.

What’s changed


  • Find the info that you need in one place: Click on the name of a channel or DM to see all the important conversation details, such as members, settings and integrations.
  • Bookmark the important stuff: Add links to project plans, spreadsheets and more as bookmarks so that everyone in a conversation can find them easily. 


  • Change notification settings with a click: Click on the name of a channel or DM to access your settings, and quickly choose what you’re notified about in that conversation.


Why did Slack’s design change? 

We’re committed to improving our users’ experience using Slack. We launched these updates to improve and simplify certain actions that you can take in channels and DMs, and to make way for some new features that we’re building. Stay tuned!

Where did the  channel details icon go?

You’ll find all the details, members, settings and integrations related to a channel or DM by clicking on the name of a channel or person in the header. Before, these details were located in multiple places, which made it harder to find information. 

How do I add members or see who else is in a channel?

The quickest way to add people to a channel is by clicking on the cluster of profile photos in the channel’s header. From there, you can also see who’s already in the channel or add new members by selecting Add people to this channel at the top of the member list.

Where can I view a channel’s pinned messages and files?

You’ll find pinned messages and files in the bookmarks bar at the top of a conversation. We changed how we show conversation details as the first step to designing better ways to multitask and view different kinds of content in Slack more comfortably, side by side. 

How do I star a channel or organise my channels into sections? 

Star any conversation by clicking on the name of the channel or person in the header to open the conversation details. You can also right-click on the conversation in the sidebar and select Star channel. If you’re on a paid subscription and organise your conversations in customised sections, open the conversation details or right-click on the conversation in the sidebar to take an action.